Life is busy for almost everyone out there. Studies, jobs, and managing your home and children can be very time consuming and stressful. You may not even have time for yourself. It is hard to keep up with your partner. The level of communication drops because you have no time for each other, giving rise to a breakup or divorce.

In some relationships, time is not an issue; the issue is the lack of ideas and excitement in romance.

AmorTracker provides you with things such as date ideas and a date diary, which saves your treasured memories on our website. AmorTracker is a social media platform, but only for the two of you. AmorTracker helps you keep track of the places you go, whether they are restaurants, theaters, or events. You can also plan and record your vacations on Amortracker.

People forget dates, and even their partner’s birthday... To help you remember special dates, Amortracker has a reminder system and helps you choose a place to take your partner.

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