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AmorTracker is
a shared space for you and your romantic partner:


One storyline

that can be edited
by both of you

A journal of
romantic memories:

dates, activities, photos,
and vacations

A set of tools

for storing your
love story and gathering
new date ideas

A safe space

where you have full
control over your
privacy settings

Use AmorTracker as:


A personal diary

hidden even from your partner

A private space

for the two of you

A romantic timeline

available to others

In the privacy settings you always stay in full control of what is shown to others, even to your partner.



Love Coupon Generator

Surprise your partner
with a book of
customized love coupons


Romantic Quotes

Enjoy words of wisdom
and get romantic inspiration


Date Ideas

Find cool things
you can do together


Movie Recommendations

Lists of high rated
movies that are
perfect for couples!



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